Coolabah MX Series Magnetic Drive Pump

Coolabah MX Series Magnetic Drive Pump

Magnetic drive pumps, or mag-drive pumps, are specialized industrial pumps that employ magnetic coupling to transmit torque from the motor to the impeller and eliminate the need for a mechanical seal. It leverages the attractive and repulsive forces of permanent magnets to create a hermetically sealed, non-contact transfer of energy between the motor and pump components.

Applications of Magnetic Drive Pumps

Chemical Processing: Magnetic drive pumps are employed in chemical processing plants to safely transfer corrosive, toxic, and even high-temperature chemicals, thanks to their leak-proof design and ability to resist chemical corrosion.

Some Chemicals which are often pumped with such designs include MDI (methylenediphenyl diisocyanate) and TDI (Toluene Diisocyanate) used in the production of Polyurethane.

Pharmaceutical ManufacturingIn the pharmaceutical industry, magnetic drive pumps ensure precise and contamination-free transfer of fluids, which is crucial for maintaining product purity and adhering to stringent regulatory standards.

Water Treatment: Magnetic drive pumps are utilized in water treatment facilities for pumping various chemicals, including acids, caustics, and disinfectants, due to their reliable, non-leaking design and chemical compatibility.

Semiconductor Fabrication: In semiconductor manufacturing, magnetic drive pumps are applied for efficient and safe handling of aggressive and high-purity chemicals, such as etchants and solvents, guaranteeing a clean, contaminatin-free environment.

Food and Beverage Processing: Magnetic drive pumps are beneficial for food and beverage processing to transfer sanitary, viscous, or shear-sensitive fluids while maintaining hygienic conditions and the integrity of the product.


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Coolabah MX Series Magnetic Drive Pump

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