Davey Supercell® Pressure Tanks

Davey Supercell® Pressure Tanks

Davey’s new range of Supercell® Tanks offers the choice not only of size and pressure ratings, but materials of construction options now include new composite construction tanks.

The new Supercell® range carries an extensive array of worldwide approvals, including CE, NSF, WRAS and Watermark and is manufactured in ISO9001 certified facilities – all assuring the quality and dependability for which Davey is renowned.

Steel Shell P, G and HP Model Supercells

These steel shell tanks include the latest internal designs for long tank life.

P and G model Supercells have FDA approved captive diaphragms with virgin polypropylene wetted area liners and patented stainless steel water inlets. The exterior is finished in high quality polyurethane over an epoxy undercoat for years of reliable life.

The larger capacity G model Supercells also feature a patented controlled action diaphragm assembly which provides a separation between diaphragm and tank walls, thus extending tank service life.

The HP model Supercells are specially designed for high pressure operation and incorporate replaceable bladders with tiered expansion profiles for long life in heavy duty applications.

24018P, 24060P, 24100P

24018P, 24060P, 24100P

24200G Cutaway View

24200G Cutaway View

Composite F Model Supercells

Composite F Model

Composite F Model

When the environment gets tough, sometimes steel isn’t the best answer. Davey’s NEW F model Supercells offer outstanding durability against environmental conditions and a real alternative for coastal or high humidity environments. 

These robust tanks are manufactured using the same patented controlled action diaphragm assembly as the G models, but using a unique composite tank shell:

  • An internal shell made from precision injection moulded polypropylene.
  • An exterior shell made from durable continuous strand fibreglass wrapped tight and sealed in epoxy resin.

Even the tank water connection is made from corrosion resistant reinforced plastics to ensure the F model Supercell® tanks keep working day after day, year after year!


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Davey Supercell® Pressure Tanks

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