Mason M-50 Positive Displacement Flow Meter

Mason M-50 Positive Displacement Flow Meter


• Excellent stepless adjusting mechanism allows a micro adjustment of the meter.
• High accuracy and repeatability over the widest range of flow; superior accuracy at constant flow.
• Low maintenance, no metal-to-metal contact in measuring chamber, long life service.
• Low pressure loss, a true gravity flow meter.
• Accuracy regardless of pressure fluctuations, temperature variation, viscosity.
• Choice of aluminum, cast iron and stainless steel materials of construction.


• Refine petroleum products.
• Aviation gasoline and jet fuels.
• A wide variety of products such as: liquid sugars, corn syrup, dextrose, fructose, sucrose, maltose,
Lactose, corn oil, soy bean oil, cotton seed oil, coconut oil.
• Treated waters (deionized, demineralized, and potable).
• Chlorinated solvents and general solvent metering.
• Acid PH liquids.
• Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG).
• Crude oil, also for heated and / or viscous liquids.
Oil or water based latex products, polyester resins, and adhesives (neutral PH), also for metering Herbicides and nitrogen fertilizer solutions.
• Herbicide.
• Sodium hydroxide (caustic) solutions, high sulfur crude oil and other alkaline PH liquids.
• Abrasive liquids.


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Mason M-50 Positive Displacement Flow Meter

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