Monoflo AT Series Submersible Wastewater Drainage Pump

Monoflo AT Series Submersible Wastewater Drainage Pump

Monoflo AT Series, The ‘ASTRO’ is a range of dewatering submersible pump designed for effective handling of water and wastewater. It is robust, compact and reliable, and is suitable in a wide range of sump pump and drainage applications in both commercial and industrial installations. The hydraulics with the semi-open vortex type impeller and a stainless steel strainer, allows for pumping soft solids in suspension and less susceptible to blockage.

The Astro pumps are designed for permanent submerged installation, e.g. by means of an auto coupling or guide rail system; or for free-standing installation on a ring stand with a flexible pipe connection.


  • Draining of water or rainwater in residential cellars or carpark basement and garages.
  • Small scale irrigation and flood control.
  • Pumping of waste water in buildings including hotels, hospitals, schools, restaurants, commercial buildings, etc.
  • General dewatering application from sump pits, tanks and ponds.
  • Water features


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Monoflo AT Series Submersible Wastewater Drainage Pump

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