Monoflo DC Series Sewage & Wastewater Submersible Pump

Monoflo DC Series Sewage & Wastewater Submersible Pump

Monoflo DC Series, The ‘Draco’ features a range of robust, compact and reliable submersible pumps, particularly suitable for effective handling of sewage and wastewater containing fecal or fibrous matter in a wide range of applications in both commercial buildings and inductrial plants. The hyfraulics with the various impeller options, ensures a blockage-free operation.

Draco, available in both 2 or 4-pole motor, covers a wide range of flowrates and heads.

The Draco pumps are designed for permanent submerged installation, e.g. by means of an auto coupling or guide rail system; or for free-standing installation on a ring stand with a flexible pipe connection.


  • Drainage of waste water from attenuation, purifying and sewage tanks in a water treatment plant.
  • Drainage of waste water containing fibrous additives from leather factories, dyeing and food processing factories.
  • Pumping of sewage and waste water in buildings including hotels, hospitals, schools, restaurants, commercial buildings, etc.
  • Application in livestock farms and agriculture.
  • General drainage application from sump pits, tanks and ponds.


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Monoflo DC Series Sewage & Wastewater Submersible Pump

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