Monoflo QT Series Double Suction Horizontal Split Case Pump

Monoflo QT Series Double Suction Horizontal Split Case Pump

Monoflo QT Series, The Quantum series features a line of superior performance double suction horizontal split case centrifugal pumps, of robust design to meet today’s demands in the industrial, municipal, agriculture and commercial applications. The range is designed with the tightest technical specification in mind, so as to achieve the highest level of efficiency and hyrdraulic performance for current and future process demands.

Incorporating advances in computer-aided technology, Quantum offers high efficiency performance, reliable & long life service resulting in energy-saving, less downtime & low maintenance cost.



General water transfer; chilled & condenser water circulation in air-conditioning systems and fire protection in office & apartment buildings, malls, hotels, hospitals, schools & institutions and airports.


Heat exchanger, chilled & condenser water circulation.


General water transfer, circulation & dewatering of water in sugar mills, steel mills, paper & pulp manufacture, desalination, chemical & petrolchemical plants, fertiliser plants, mines, power generation plant and in other industrial processes.


Water intake and municipal waterworks, handling raw, clear, polluted and waste water. Flood control and other auxiliary services.


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Monoflo QT Series Double Suction Horizontal Split Case Pump

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