SAER OP32-2 PC Household Booster Pump

SAER OP32-2 PC Household Booster Pump

Model OP32/3-PC

Suitable for pumping clean water and chemically non-corrosive liquids, for residential uses, irrigation, agriculture and automated distribution in medium-small tanks.
Materials: cant iron, stainless steel.

.Residential use
.Water supply
.Pressurization unit

Brand SAER
Model OP32/3-PC
Voltage 240V
Frequency 50Hz
Power 0.75HP (0.55kW)
Current 3.8A
Speed 2850rpm
Flow rate 1-8m3/hour (17-133L/min)
Head 26.5-10.5meter
Max. head 28meter
Inlet size 1-1/4 inch (32mm)
Outlet size 1 inch (25mm)
Capacitor 16uF/450V
Max. temperature +90°C
Protection rating IP55
Made in Italy
Warranty 24 months


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SAER OP32-2 PC Household Booster Pump

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